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Join us Next Summer

We are nearing the end of our 2021 summer season, but you can always prepare to join us next year!

There are two ways you can participate:.

1) Become a Reserved Vendor. With this option, you can reserve the same space, week by week! An additional reservation fee is required. If you would like to become a Reserved Vendor, please send us a new vendor application through the link below and we will contact you.

2) Become a Lottery Vendor. With this option, you can show up any Saturday morning, pay a small fee and we can place you in a space for the day. (You will not be guaranteed the same space if you return in future weeks). If you would like to become a lottery vendor, please read our “Lottery Rules and How-To’s” through the link below.

Every Saturday

Starting 6.19.2021

Gallatin County Fairgrounds | Haynes Pavilion

Hours of Operation

9:00 am — 12:00 pm

Vendor Resources

Click //  Download link or Document title to open PDF or Link.


Please follow the link below to fill out an new vendor application and we will contact you! 

// New Reserved Vendor Application Link

Become a lottery vendor

The GVFM offers an alternative to becoming a full-time reserved vendor. Show up on a Saturday morning and just join for the day!

// Download Pavilion Lottery Rules & “How-Tos”

// Download Lawn Lottery Rules & “How-Tos”


Set by the GVFM staff to promote a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

//  Download Market Rules



Do you sell ready-to-eat food and drinks?

Please download the Retail Food License Application below and visit the Montana DPHHS website to learn more.

//  Download the “Retail Food License Application.”

Vendor Perks

As a program of Career Transitions, the GVFM’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for local vendors to market, display and sell their goods to promote economic well-being and support the development of home-based businesses.

Year after year, the market continues to act as a safe space for new proprietors to learn and grow their business while strengthening relationships with other sellers in the state. The GVFM prides itself in acting as a starting point for many beginning businesses and through this link between CT and GVFM, the market can stay true to its mission in supporting individuals who hope to find economic sustainment through self-owned business. Not to mention, it is a pretty fun place to call “work!”

Be First in Line for Premiere Products

Before our market opens to the public at 9 am, our GVFM vendors get a chance to purchase from other participating vendors. This means, as a vendor, you get first pick on fresh produce, flowers, baked goods and so much more!

Be Featured on our Socials & Website

When you become a part of the GVFM, our team goes to bat for you! We strive to always market for and recommend our vendors’ products everywhere we go. Specifically, you will be listed under our vendor directory and will also have a chance to be featured on our social media pages and groups.