All About Our Mission & History

GVFM Says Hello!

Every Saturday

6.15.2024- 09.14.24

Gallatin County Fairgrounds | Haynes Pavilion

Hours of Operation

9:00 am — 12:00 pm

Bozeman’s First Farmers’ Market

With fifty years and over five hundred markets hosted by the organization, the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market (GVFM) continues to support Montana’s local farmers and artisans with its summer and holiday markets in 2024. Held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, the market supports nearly 120 vendors at any given market. In its fifty years of service, the GVFM has provided an opportunity for hundreds of Montana’s own to market and sell their homemade food, handmade crafts, and locally grown produce to the greater Bozeman area. Throughout the last fifty years, the vendors and customers of the GVFM have shared many Montana summers supporting one another and reminding everyone of the prosperity which community togetherness brings.

When did it begin?

Beginning in 1971, the market was organized by a small group of like-minded individuals who wanted to create a space in which farmers and craftspeople could sell their creations. This group managed the market diligently until 1995.

Where was it held?

The market was the very first of its kind in Bozeman and originated on Tracey Street, near Main. Shortly thereafter the market was moved to the Bogert Park lawn on Church Street where it was held until the Bogert Pavilion was constructed in 1977. The market was held under the Bogert Pavilion until 2002. 

Where is it held now?

In 2002, the market was moved to the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds where it has been located since. Last year, the pavilion celebrated its 20th year in operation! Even the construction of the pavilion itself was a true act of community, with a majority of the grunt work being completed by volunteers.

Who manages the market today?

By 1995, the original group decided it was time to transfer market management to a local nonprofit organization. Several nonprofits were interviewed for the role and among the selection was Belgrade’s Career Transitions (CT), a local non-profit which provides career coaching, education, training, cash assistance and several resources to help individuals and families overcome their barriers to self-sufficiency. The GVFM really prides itself in acting as a safe place and a starting point for many businesses, so through this link between CT and the GVFM, we can fulfill our collaborative mission to help individuals and families find self-sustainment through home-based business.  

 Our Team’s Values

Now, entering the 2024 season, the market continues with Sarah Friedrich as returning market manager with Career Transition’s Executive Director, Jennifer Sipes. Our goal is to ensure the market holds true to its long traditions while keeping pace with a fast-growing and changing Bozeman community.We envision community-based, celebratory farmers’ markets that draw a diversity of people throughout the year to meet old friends, make new ones, and shop the bounty of local products created and grown by Montana’s own.