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The purpose of the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market is to provide an opportunity and location for local vendors of homemade food, handmade crafts and locally grown produce to market, display and sell their goods to promote economic well-being and support the development of home-based businesses.

The market is a program of Career Transitions, Inc., a local non-profit with the mission to assist and strengthen communities, families, and individuals in becoming self-sufficient through workforce and community development, education, training, and employment.


The Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market has been serving the community for 50 years! We hope to continue celebrating this milestone through the 2023 season. If you have favorite photos, stories, and moments from your time at the GVFM, please share them with us at [email protected] or through our Facebook page!

GVFM Message Board

The latest news, updates & messages from the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market team and community.

“I continue to participate in the GVFM because it is a healthy environment where people come with a great attitude. Always friendly, encouraging and generous.”

Aura Norman

“Times and people change but the reason for the “season” will keep going – as long as people can connect – almost like church – you go for the lessons and good food!”

Mary & Paul RItter

“Not only does GVFM provide incredible fresh vegetables to the community, it also is a fantastic venue for artists and crafts people and a springboard for entrepreneurs. GVFM is a great place for a breakfast treat and to meet with friends.”

Lisa Marshall
Marshall Pottery

“The Farmers’ Market has been a special event/memory for this family for over 28 years! Being a shy person, the market and the people have helped me grow within. We will always be grateful for this opportunity.”

Charlie Murdy

“The market provides an inexpensive venue for my small business to remain profitable. The bonus is that I get to socialize with members of the community and make friends with fellow vendors, all of whom are incredibly supportive of each other.”

Rachael Baseley

“For us, we have seen “all walks of life” come by and to our booth over the years. Some from different states and countries. Seeing diversity. All are welcome! Many cannot afford much, so it is a fun, free outing! And, especially, being able to get fresh vegetables! Flowers! Or even a $10 sign board! A wonderful gathering place for anyone.”

Charlie Murdy

“I love the fact that all vendors will tell customers where other vendors are and that they have the best items when they have sold out or do not have anymore.”

Linda Taranto
D&D West Greenhouses

“I think my favorite part of the market is the relationships I’ve formed but also I love seeing the growth in myself.”

Leslie Swenson

“There is something special about a member of the community admiring your creations. It could be a jar of jam, a baby hat, a watercolor print, or a greeting card… it is a feeling you simply can’t experience when you sell your products through a third party.”

Rachael Baseley

“These are hard times for all businesses, but as a team and a community, we will get through them together, which is exactly what the Farmers’ market is all about. “

Rachael Baseley

“I see the same people each week…it’s part of the community rhythm It’s important to have access to locally grown food and handmade materials. I love to see the artwork everyone makes to sell – such an expression of love and beauty.”

Adrienne Zimny

“Over 20 years ago, when I moved back to Montana, I had extra product. It was well received at the GVFM, so I made more product. Now, the grown-up children of those early customers are collecting my product!”

Lisa Marshall
Marshall Pottery

“My craft business gives me a reason to get up in the morning and get out and meet new people.”

Evelyn Halvorson
Evy of MT

“All of our proceeds go to local charities. We’ve given over $180,000 in grants to local nonprofits through our 100% volunteer efforts.”

Gallatin Gardeners Club

“As a produce vendor, I feel like the market provides a crucial connection between farmer and shopper, especially since I am a small farm and do not sell through stores, etc.”

Julie Serafin
Borrowed Acre Produce

“One family – the mother was pregnant then gave birth – every Saturday they bought 1 small bag of korn – they shared it while watching us make more. The son – grew up with kettle korn and now has graduated and they still come! 1 small bag of korn split 3 ways. I don’t know their names, I do not see them anywhere else, but I feel happy to see them and that they market made a difference in their family and enjoyment.”

Mary & Paul Ritter
Korn Dancing

“I remember the first time someone purchased a large, framed print of my (now) best-selling Sandhill Crane. They complimented my work, and for the first time, I truly though of myself as an artist.”

Rachael Baseley

“I guess I would just like to say that being a part of the GVFM has been such a positive, uplifting experience for me. Being a small business, the fact that you allow me to pay weekly as an option has been really nice as it has helped me budget. I really appreciate that. This market is a vital part of our community and I hope it can continue on into the future.”

Jessica Kelly

“One of the biggest ways the market enhances the community is by offering a connection! A connection of friends, customers, and the feeling that my work wouldn’t be the same without these people! We all look forward to the connections we have made at the market.”

Marci Gehrig

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The Montana Local Food Choice Act

Recently, the state of Montana has implemented a new law affecting the state requirements for hazardous food licensing. Existing law generally restricts a person from selling potentially hazardous food at a farmers' market without a retail food establishment license....


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Market Guidelines

Department of Public Health and Human

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Economic Contributions of Farmers markets in MT

Bureau of Business & Economic Research

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The Montana Local Food Choice Act - SB199

SB 199 or The Montana Local Food Choice Act. Read the legislature here and send us a message to see how our market is implementing these new regulations.

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