An Appreciation Letter to Our Team: From Market Manager, Sarah

Aug 9, 2022 | Announcement, News & Press

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In 2020, I was hired by current Career Transitions director Jennifer Sipes as market manager. During that year, I was trained under previous manager, Kristi Welch, along with her team/two best friends, Pat and Michele. The three of them ingrained the importance of finding my own team that enjoyed spending every Saturday together. I was truly amazed at how dedicated Pat and Michele were to supporting Kristi with the market, and at first, I thought it may be a hard task to find such a team.

But, in support of my new endeavor, my own two best friends, Alyssa Goulet and John Smith, quickly filled in as market support. (As a fun tidbit, I have been dear friends with these two for over 20 years!) Now, after nearly three complete market seasons together, these two continue to dedicate their all to the GVFM. During the market, you can always count on Alyssa to compliment you on your great farmers’ market attire and on John, to provide immaculate vibes with his farmers market playlists. I am so grateful for the energy, loyalty and all around support these two bring to the market every weekend, and I find it so special that two generations of market management have grown from great friendship. If you see these two bringing joy to the market, make sure to give them a big “Thank You,” for all they do!

In 2021, as I was about to enter my first season as sole market manager, I needed to find a market assistant. Although I had two awesome volunteers to help during the market, I needed someone to help with all the hard work behind the scenes. Samantha Packer was the first application I received, and I had to look no further! We quickly became two peas in a pod. (As a fun tidbit, both Sam and I studied art history in college, and our birthdays are one day apart!) So, you could say we were a pretty great match. Since she was such a phenomenal worker, Career Transitions hired Sam as a full-time team member at the end of 2021. Now, not only does she handle a large part of the administrative work for the market, she also acts as front desk receptionist, program coordinator and Ms. Jack of all Trades. She is a HUGE asset to the market and the Career Transitions team. If you call, email or stop in at Career Transitions, make sure to give Sam a big “Thank You,” for simply being amazing!

We have also had several great volunteers come out to support the market this season including Sam, Tony, Jake and Brenda. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your time in support of your local vendors!

-Sarah Friedrich, Market Manager


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