Farmers’ Market Viability

Jun 2, 2022 | Announcement, News & Press

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Did you know….?

According to the Montana Department of Agriculture, there are over 70  farmers markets actively contributing to their communities across the state of Montana; and this number is only growing. According to a research study conducted in  by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research out of the University of Montana, the total direct statewide revenue produced by farmers markets across the state was estimated to be $17.3 million in 2021. Plus, another $10.4 million was generated in indirect revenue; making a total of $27.7 million contributed to the Montana economy!

The Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market alone generated about $1.5 million dollars in revenue throughout the 2021 season. That means that $1.5 million dollars is getting cycled back into our local economies via our market!

There are also many benefits to farmers markets beyond the income potential, but these numbers are just monetary evidence of the viability of farmers markets. Despite a nationwide pandemic, traditional community events like our own GVFM will survive through the cultural, political and many other changes our communities will encounter.


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